Waves of Death – Polygone Games

Waves of Death

Kill or be killed


Waves of Death is a FPS video game made by Polygone Games in which you have to kill waves of zombies in order to survive. It also comes in a Virtual Reality version. The game is available on Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/858740/Waves_of_Death/


Our job here was to optimise 4 of the maps available in the game in order to render them more playable, using Unreal Engine 4 :

Levels Of Details (LOD) to reduce the numbers of polygones, shaders and draw calls. Utilizations and placements of physical boxes for the detection of different impacts and surfaces to avoid invisible walls and such. Making of vegetation billboard assets (trees, bushes). Optimisation of texture resolutions.

We worked on this project in 2020.